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Technical Publication Solution

Our major Technical Publications products include creation and revision of:

  • Component Maintenance Manual
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogue
  • Engine Manuals
  • Cleaning, Inspection & Repair Manual
  • Repair and Overhaul manual
  • Technical Variances
  • Service Bulletins (SB)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
  • Structural Repair Manual (SRM)
  • Data Modules
  • Test instructions
  • Engineering Report Generation
  • Assembly process manual
  • Customer Service Procedure Manual
  • Field Service Repair Manual
  • Manufacturing work instructions
  • Product guides
Clients Speak

Thanks Dalbir, Really phenomenal. You are leaving your competition in the dust with your quick and thorough replies. When I am out there selling, I need confidence in my business partners. I need them to want business as much as I want business.

- Jonath Tonge

I just want to thank you Umang for doing a wonderful job on my project. I have plenty of new work for your team.

- Rey III

Thanks a ton for getting the drawings back so fast!- The details you have been drawing are very good. I am very happy with your work.

- Jeffrey Lewis

The drawings are great. Please send us the invoice.

- Samuel Keith

The drafting was also turned around in a very short time which I appreciate very much.

- Denny Lanigan

Excellent work.

- Patrick Irwin

Drawings looked great.

- Adriane Balliet

The sample drawing looks to be fine. I'm happy with the quality provided and will keep your company in mind for drawings conversion / services work...

- Edward Monahan

Once again thank you for your hard work over these last few days. It has helped a lot on our end and we were able to finish the projects on time.

- Chuck Fischer

Thanks for your work on the Jimenez project, it turned out very well.

- Debra Sarokin

Featured Clients

Engineering Documentation - Technical Manual Writing Services

Engineering Documentations is not just a need of a high-end Industry and technically competitive market player, but also a strong and fool-proof method of making your mark in this world as a brain with creative, academic and research talent.

Another huge advantage of technical publications is that you, as a manufacturer have the powerful tool to generate high quality 3D and 2D images, models and animations, which go a long way in dealing with your clients and making your products popular.

For us, Engineering Documentations is not only the name of our organization or about the work that we do, but it is an approach, which has many fixed guidelines for those who are reading any published data on one hand and has all the history of the talented genius technical human on the other. For both of these people, we feel our responsibility of publishing quality content, data and facts proofing, layout and aesthetics, and the pool of technical knowledge that both the writer and reader are interested in.

Advantages of our Engineering Documentation Services:

  • No Interruption to company's or employee's schedule
  • No product delay due to lack of documentation
  • Documentation process starts along with designing process
  • Documentation exactly as per client's specifications
  • Zero Supervision required from client's side
  • Highest quality
  • Thorough illustration with accurate information

Industries We Serve

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Telecom
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Semiconductors
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Server and Storage
  • Hospitality
  • Product Manufacturing

About us

We are a company which designs, analyses and publishes relevant data for your documentation needs whether they may incorporate technical instructions, specifications, or other form of communication on paper, and we generate designs, drafts, drawings and animations for effective representation of your product, part, machinery, plant or project to generate accurate, interactive, and illustrated documentation.

About Our Company Profile

Why us?

Technical publications needs quality and dedicated human resources to synchronize with the engineering needs of the client firm who can take responsibility of reputation of client in terms of its communication with its staff and with its customers. We also provide services such as making training curriculum, conducting technical writing training workshops, handling graphics and illustrations and managing KM solutions.

Why us?